The Blue Hole Day Trip

World-Famous Belize Diving

Blackbird Caye Resort operates from within the Turneffe Atoll, located 24 miles (38 km) east of Belizebluehole City. As a result we are situated no more than a one and a half hour boat ride from the Blue Hole. This means our guests are able to leave at 8am from the resort and by 9:30am be in the water — Belize diving has never been so practical.

Training for the dive takes place on the Monday before to make sure you are fully prepared for the adventure that awaits. For those who are not experienced enough, or have not received a PADI license, it is possible to marvel at the Blue Hole’s depths while snorkeling the rim — so don’t worry if you have never dived before, there is something for every level.

The journey on Tuesday morning takes guests’ breath away as our fleet of boats skim across the ocean before reaching the crystalline, 10 foot (3 meter) deep waters of Lighthouse Reef. The mysteries of the Blue Hole lie in wait, right in the centre of this awe-inspiring natural structure.

The Blue Hole is housed in the Mesoamerican Reef System — the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere — and located within the Lighthouse Atoll, 43 miles (70 km) off the coast of Belize. It is one of the world’s top ten dive sites as chosen by the great underwater explorer, Jacques Cousteau.


At The Blue Hole we take divers to a maximum depth 130 feet (40 meters) for around eight minutes — although the entire dive takes approximately half and hour with a five minute safety stop.

However, if there is a good deal of shark activity (which there usually is) — including bull sharks and Caribbean reef sharks — we will stay under for longer, so that guests catch a good glimpse of the underwater predator.

Once the dive is completed we head back to Half Moon Caye where a delicious BBQ awaits — cooked by our very own chef using the freshest ingredients and homemade sauces, is guaranteed to fill hungry bellies after a day’s dive. The chicken, fish, and vegetables are gently roasted over hot coals for the fullest flavour — the meal is unlike any packed lunch and the perfect way to end the day.

Here at our Belize resort, you won’t find a more safety-conscious dive crew — as a remote resort our standards are incredibly high. We always go one step further to ensure your safety.bluehole3

Large groups are welcome — the most people accommodated on one trip was 33, on top of nine crew.

Here at Blackbird, you won’t find a more safety conscious dive crew — as a remote resort our standards are incredibly high. We always go one step further to ensure your safety.

COST: Leaves every Tuesday and costs US $200 + $40 (Marine Reserve Fee). A minimum of six people is required and weather-permitting.

NOTE: For those interested in Belize Blue Hole diving, you must be Advanced Open Water Certified.

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